Committed to the Development and Application of Basic MaterialsProviding perfect systematic solutions for green energy and intelligent rail transit

CENTURAYCommitted to the development and application of basic materials Provides perfect system solutions for (green) energy and (smart) transportation.

Four Business UnitsShouldering responsibility for high-end industrial upgrading of China's industry.

Material BU

With extensive application feedback from the OCS and higher requirements put forward by aviation, aerospace, and vehicle manufacturing companies, CENTURAY is also committed to the development and application of new copper alloy materials. We provide a variety of copper silver, copper tin, copper magnesium alloy monofilament (hard state) products according to different customer requirements.


Power Cable BU

CENTURAY, as a high-tech enterprise, boasts advanced technology and equipment, of which includes VCV tower cross-linked production lines capable of producing high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cables of 500kV and below, and three CCV catenary cross-linked production lines. All production equipment with international advanced level is imported from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, and other countries, dominating the leading position in the same industry in China. As early as in 2001, the cross-linked cables produced by CENTURAY passed the high-voltage type test conducted by KEMA, the world’s most authoritative testing and certification lab. Since then, the company also obtained PCCC, CRCC, and other product certifications subsequently.

Cable Accessories BU

Power cable accessories refer to the intermediate and terminal connections of various cables. They constitute the power transmission network together with cables. Mainly based on the characteristics of cable structure, such accessories not only restore the performance of cables, but also ensure the extension of cable length and the connection of terminals.


Intelligent Equipment BU

At CENTURAY, we always focus on high technology and keep constant innovation. Our products are widely used in the fields of rail transit and power energy, covering from active power filters to fully-controlled power quality correction devices, from static reactive power generators to high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation devices, from modular electrical appliances to supercapacitor energy storage systems, and from energy-fed devices to “one-cloud and three-network” platform.

unbind the transmission connect the world make life better

1 kM

Power Cables


1 kM

Contact Wires

Provide 75000+km contact wires for electrified railways and urban rail transit lines with different speeds in China.

1 pcs

Power Cable Accessories

为国内不同速度的电气化铁路和城市轨道交通线路提供57,000 +pcs电力电缆配件。