Centuray Zhou Hairpin Mei Ten Million Guangcai Fund

The establishment of the Centuray Zhou Chaimei Ten Million Guangcai Fund has become a milestone in Centuray 's philanthropic endeavours, Gather every heart, pass every love, the world will be different because of you and me

Foundation Introduction

        CENTURAY ZHOU CHAIMEI TEM MILLION GUANGCAI FOUNDATION is approved by the Municipal Society for the Promotion of Glorious Causes of the city and was formally established on 25 November 2019 as a charitable foundation under the supervision of the Municipal Society for the Promotion of Glorious Causes.
        The Foundation was initiated by Centuray Technology Co., Ltd. with an original fund of RMB 10 million. Zhou Chaimei Charity Foundation will promote the development of social welfare undertakings and contribute to a harmonious society through standardised management.
        In order to better fulfil its corporate social responsibility and establish a long-term and stable public welfare funding mechanism, Centuray has committed to investing a certain amount of money to the Foundation every year, which is the main source of funding for the Zhou Chaimei Guangcai Charity Foundation.
        To assume due social responsibility is the mission of the Zhou Chaimei Guangcai Charity Foundation. Zhou Chaimei Guangcai Charity Foundation based on the purpose is: to create an atmosphere of public welfare, social responsibility, support for children's education and healthy development of poor areas. The focus of funding include: for the regions, especially in poor areas to improve the teaching environment, the new school libraries, libraries, and support for the development of impoverished areas, and so on.

Organisational structure

        The organisational structure of the Zhou Chaimai Guangcai Foundation consists of two parts: the Board of Directors and the Secretariat.
        The Board of Governors is responsible for decision-making intelligence, through regular board meetings convened and chaired by the Board of Governors, the Foundation's strategic planning, annual plans, budgets and other major matters for consideration and approval. Under the Council, the Project Review Committee (PRC), comprising members of the management of the Foundation, reports to the Council and is responsible for approving and monitoring the quality of the Foundation's projects.
        The Secretariat is the executive body of the Foundation, headed by the Secretary-General, who is elected by the Council from among its members and is responsible for the day-to-day work of the Secretariat. The secretariat consists of administrative, project and financial departments. At the same time, the Foundation has a supervisor. The Supervisor checks the financial and accounting information of the Foundation in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the Articles of Association, and supervises the Board of Directors in complying with the laws and the Articles of Association.
        The Chairman of the Foundation is Ms Tingting Lin and the Secretary General of the Secretariat is Mr Nikos Shao.

Centuray Zhou Chaimei Education Foundation

Foundation Introduction

        In order to actively advocate the social culture of respecting teachers and promoting the quality development of education in Changzhou, Centuray Technology Co., Ltd. donated RMB 10 million to Changzhou Municipal Education Development Foundation (RMB 2 million per year from 2021 to 2025) to set up the "Centuray Education Fund". Formally established, the education fund is included in the management of Changzhou Education Development Foundation and operates under the guidance and supervision of Changzhou Education Development Foundation, while accepting the supervision and management of relevant functional departments.
        The main purposes of the Centuray Zhou Chai Mei Education Fund are: the quality enhancement project of the Centuray School, the Centuray Vocational Training Talent Scholarship Programme, the infrastructure project of the Centuray School, and the Centuray Sports Development Excellence Project.

Organisational structure

        The Centuray Education Fund Management Committee is composed of personnel from the Changzhou Municipal Education Bureau, Centuray Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Education Development Foundation and related project schools. It has one director, two deputy directors, and several members.
        Director: Huang Yi
        Deputy Director: Lin Tingting, Hu Hong
        Members: Peng Liping, Lu Himdai, Shao Qing, Xu Hong

Fan Mingwu & Jin Liangzhan Joint Education Fund

        The "Fan Mingwu & Jin Liangzhan Joint Fund" was officially signed on 4 June 2022 at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Academician Fan Mingwu and his wife donated RMB 1 million, and President Jin Liangzhan and his wife donated RMB 5 million.
        The fund will help Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Applied Electromagnetic Engineering Research Institute of scientific research, focusing on the road of industry, academia, research and use of innovation platforms, we will both explore the research of the future application scenarios, planning for the field of research, in the core of key technologies. Joint layout, continuous investment in talent training, in-depth cooperation, talent and technology to empower the future, to make breakthroughs in key core technologies, especially in copper and copper alloy materials, polymer materials, high-end equipment and other industries and fields, to help industrial upgrading, to open the future of the new blue ocean.
        The Joint Foundation has set up the highest management body, the Management Committee, which is responsible for fund-raising, setting up subsidised projects, evaluating the disbursement process, auditing the use of funds, reporting and other related matters.

        The Management Committee consists of 13 members:
        Honorary Director: Fan Mingwu, Jin Liangzhan
        Director: Qin Bin
        Deputy Director: Lin Tingting
        Secretary-General: Chen Qu Shan
        Members: Xiong Yongqian, Chen Dezhi, Yang Difen, Xu Hong, Yu Tiaoqin, Liu Xiaolei, Yang Jun, Li Dong

Southwest Jiaotong University & Centuray Scholarship

        "Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) & Centuray Scholarship was officially signed on 11th November 2022 at SWJTU.
        This is not only a new link to open each other, but also a new path to open up the continuous interaction between scientific and technological innovation and industrial iteration, so that both parties can carry out an all-round and deep innovative development path in many fields such as talent training, scientific research application, and key technology research and development.
        Southwest Jiaotong University and Centuray take the signing of the university-enterprise co-operation and scholarship grant agreement as an opportunity to deepen the co-operation, and go on a new journey of talent cultivation and innovative research and development in the field of rail transport.


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