Centuray R&D Centre in Changzhou

        Centuray is an industry leader and national high-tech enterprise focusing on rail transit, power transmission, equipment manufacturing, communication and industrial fields, with seven R&D centres and cooperative institutions located in Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Germany, and Israel, providing it with a constant source of power. 20 years ago, with the German technology and products made by precision manufacturing, Centuray has accompanied the high-speed development of China's rail transit, creating several industry firsts. The company is a young and energetic high-tech enterprise. The overall structure of the R&D team is reasonable and perfect, with domestic first-class R&D test equipment and platforms for protection, giving full play to the advantages of the provincial engineering technology research centre, provincial enterprise technology centre and other platforms. With the construction of the new building of Changzhou R&D Centre, Changzhou R&D Centre will become the R&D and innovation base of Centuray, "Joint Laboratory of Shanghai University of Science and Technology", "Industry-University-Research Base of Southeast University", "JITRI- Centuray R&D Centre", "Intelligent Railway Transportation System" and "One Cloud, Three Networks Data Centre" will be set up in the R&D Centre.

Innovation R&D M&A Integration Globalisation

2017.4 Changzhou electrified rail transit four electric equipment engineering technology research centre

2018.7 Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Pool 2018 Entry Enterprises

2019.4 Changzhou Science and Technology Listing Cultivation Enterprise

2019.4 Changzhou Innovative Leading Enterprises Cultivation Pool Entry Enterprises

2019.9 Four-star cloud enterprises in Jiangsu Province

2020.4 First-class prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress

2020 Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Centre

2020 Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Centre

2020 Changzhou key cultivation and development of internationally renowned brands

2020 Changzhou Intelligent Workshop

2020 Private Science and Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu

2021 Changzhou Credit Management Model Enterprise

2021.11.30-2024.11.30 High and New Technology Enterprise

2021.7 Third Prize of Changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the Group of Ten Hundred Thousand Innovative Enterprises

2021.12.31 First Prize of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Awar

2022.11 JITRI-Centuray Joint Innovation Centre

2022.12 Jiangsu Provincial Speciality and Specialty New Centre Enterprise


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