Rail Transit

Rail Transit System Solution Supplier and Operations & Maintenance Service Provider

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World supply of electrified railway projects

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China's high-speed railway mainline share

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Market share of high-speed rail above 300km/hour

Actively develop international market and layout of rail transport network

Helping China's high-speed railway to sprint to 400km/h and above

Jointly explore the contact wire preparation and application technology with scientific research institutes

  • Copper and copper alloy contact wire

    • Copper-silver alloy contact wire 160km/h    

    • Copper-tin alloy contact wire 200-250km/h

    • Copper-magnesium alloy contact line 350km/h                                                                                                                                  

  • Copper and copper alloy stranded wire

    Our company is also committed to the research and development of new copper alloy materials and applications, according to customer requirements to provide a variety of copper-silver, copper-tin, copper-magnesium alloy monofilament (hard state) products. 

    Provide Power Transmission System Solutions

    Combustion performance grading B1 cable

    Smart Cables

    Nylon sheathed cable

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    Inspection Processes

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    Quality Testing Database

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    Historical Data Tracing

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    Imported Production Equipment Covered

    27.5kV Cables and Cable Accessories

    Raw Material - Liquid Silicone Rubber

    Germany Imported
    Outstanding Electrical Performance、Strong Hydrophobicity、High Elasticity
    Over 40 Yrs History

    Solutions - Providing complete cable systems

    Power Cable
    Cable Accessories
    Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing System

    Excellent Technology - Origin Germany

    Imported Production Equipment
    Imported Molds
    Craftsmanship Excellence

    Structure - Cold Shrinkable

    No Open Flame Required
    Integrated Design, Prefabricated as a Whole
    Quick and Easy Installation


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